What is a Tailored Suit?

A Tailored suit is a custom-made suit – sometimes also called Made to Measure or Bespoke Suit. A tailor-made suit will be drafted from your measurements, taking into account posture, body shape and asymmetries like a slightly wider shoulder or longer arm. A good tailor will be able to make you a suit that is as flattering as possible, bringing out the best in your figure and creating a great look for you.

Tailor-made suits can cost more than off the rack suits but they are often a better investment. When you buy a tailored suit, you’re getting a superior-quality garment that will fit you perfectly and last much longer than an off-the-rack suit. You’ll save money in the long run and will avoid the frustration of buying a new suit every time yours gets worn out or starts to lose shape.

When you get a tailor-made suit, you can add your own personal touches to create something that truly represents you and your style. For example, you can choose the fabrics, colour and patterns for your suit as well as the details such as button stitching, lapel width, pocket size and even monograms. You can also customise the lining of your jacket – choosing from silk or Bemberg – in a wide variety of colours and patterns to add another touch of personality to your suit.

A bespoke suit is an ideal choice for those who have a more standard body shape. Bespoke suits can be used to address minor issues like taking in the pants or letting out the sleeves but they cannot completely change the fit of the suit. Tailored suit

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