The Yacht Rental Two-Step

If you’re interested in a yacht rental LA is the place to be. Los Angeles may not strike you as a great yachting city at first blush. That’s understandable given its reputation for the Hollywood Hills and the sand and the surf and David Hasslehoff running shirtless down the beach. Of course, where there’s sand and surf and Hasslehoff, there’s bound to be some kind of yachting going on.

While tourist traps like the Santa Monica Pier and Huntington Beach capture the imagination of millions, few people bother with the marina at…well, at Marina del Rey. There you’ll find a host of sailing and yachting aficionados, men and women who love the appeal of calm Pacific, the wind in their hair, and for those who can afford it: some fine catering. After all, it’s not really yachting if you have to prepare your own meals.

If you’re new to yachting — and would just like to dip your proverbial toe in the water — you may want to start small. By small I mean something like a thirty-foot yacht. Of course, if you have never piloted a yacht, then you would do well to let the chap at the wheel do the steering and navigating. Essentially, I’m suggesting you hire a yacht and enjoy your time at sea.

That enjoyment should entail having some of your closest friends and loved ones on-board. Thirty feet is a lot of space. With your friends in tow, you can turn a day on the water into memory you all will cherish for years. This may all sound pat and dry, but it will make sense once you make a reservation and come aboard. Tulum Yacht Party

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