Telephone Headsets Enhance Employee Productivity

telephone headsets enable employees to be mobile and multi-task while on the phone. This helps to enhance their productivity, because if they are anchored to their desk and can only answer calls by raising the handset or going to the desk switch they may miss incoming calls or even worse end up with calls in their voicemail. This means time lost listening to messages and then calling back.

Headsets allow for hands free mobility and can be worn in either ear. This is especially beneficial for the health of the neck, shoulders and upper back. Cradling a phone between the neck and shoulder can cause aches and discomfort that a headset alleviates.

If a wireless headset has the ability to pair with a BlueParrott application they can also provide an audible alert that you have a call and a button can be programmed to instantly mute the call, speed dial a number or do many other tasks. This feature eliminates the need to raise the handset to accept a call, which saves time and reduces stress.

A good quality telephone headset will amplify your employee’s voice so that it is crisp and clear and heard on the other end of the call. Most headsets are available in Noise-Canceling or Voice-Tube models so that an employee can pick the option that best matches their work environment and their personal preferences.

When choosing a headset, it is important to make sure that the headset is compatible with your business’s telephone system. The easiest way to do this is by using a compatibility guide or consulting with a headset expert. It is also a good idea to choose a headset with a battery compartment that holds a spare battery so that if one battery starts to run low it can be quickly swapped out.

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