Selecting Online Accounting Services

Outsourced accounting services can transform growing small and midsize business operations. By putting time-consuming accounting duties into trusted hands, you and your staff can focus on more important tasks like building client relationships and marketing. In addition, outsourcing eliminates the need for costly training and overhead costs associated with hiring in-house bookkeepers or accountants.

When selecting an online accounting service, look for a firm that accommodates your existing software program and offers the full range of outsourced accounting procedures. Choose a firm that can handle your needs from account reconciliations to financial statements, tax preparation and filings, and payroll management. Some virtual accounting firms also offer a mobile app and remote access to a dedicated accountant, making them a good option for growing businesses that need more support than what an in-house bookkeeper can provide.

A good online accounting firm will take the burden off you and your team by performing all essential functions, including invoicing, cash-basis accounting and accrual-based reporting. It should be easy to integrate with your current accounting software, and it should work well with your e-commerce platform to sync purchases and sales data. It should also offer tax assistance and help you set up and file your 501(c)(3) application. Lastly, it should be affordable, especially for small nonprofits.

Our top choice is Bench, which provides full-service bookkeeping for both cash and accrual-based accounting. It has a low price point and includes features like recurring invoicing, a mobile app and a dedicated account manager. It also integrates with e-commerce platforms, Gusto for payroll and other popular accounting software. It is ideal for sole proprietors and freelancers without employees. Its former competitor, Billy (now Lendio), has an easier-to-use interface and is good for invoicing customers and tracking income and expenses. онлайн счетоводни услуги

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