How to Get Quotes on Movers

If you’re planning a move in New York City, you’ll need to get quotes on movers. Moving quotes are based on a wide range of factors, including the size and number of items you have to be moved, the amount of stairs, the number of boxes, the extra services like packing and unpacking, and even the amount of packing supplies you need (cartons, tape, and paper). A mover can also charge for other special services such as crating or disassembling furniture. The time of year also affects moving prices, with higher rates from spring through late summer when demand is high.

The best way to get a moving quote is with an in-home estimate. A company representative can visit your home and walk through the items you need to be moved to give you an accurate price. You should be as specific as possible about the number of rooms, pieces of furniture, and the amount of boxes to avoid surprises on your final bill.

Most reputable moving companies will offer you a nonbinding moving quote, which means they’ll provide you with a ballpark figure and then calculate the cost of your shipment’s weight and additional services. If you choose a binding estimate, however, the company will guarantee a maximum price for your move, which is based on the estimated weight of your shipment. If you’re moving out of a tight spot that’s difficult to access, or into a similar situation where the truck cannot fit, your quote will likely include stair charges or hoisting fees.

You may also be charged for special services like packing and unpacking, appliance disconnects and reconnects, shuttles, and storage. If you’re not planning to use any of these extra services, it’s important to let your mover know as soon as you get a moving quote so that they don’t add them on later. Similarly, you should make sure every shred of information is included in your quote, such as the full inventory list, a detailed breakdown of costs by room, and the amount of time required for each task.

Some movers will also give you the option of purchasing or renting packing materials and utensils for your move. This can be a great help in lowering your total moving bill, as you’ll only be paying for the services that you need. However, if you want to save money, you can still pack your own boxes and just pay for the transport and labor.

Most movers will offer a full package of additional services for their customers, which can range from cleaning and junk removal to car transport and storage. Some movers will even allow you to move your pets, and some will offer storage facilities. While these can be nice to have, it’s worth comparing prices with other companies that offer them as standard to see how much you can save by doing things yourself.

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