How to Get Accurate Online Moving Quotes

Whether moving next door or across the country, it’s important to get a proper estimate from a professional mover before committing to a move. Online moving quotes provide a quick, easy way to compare prices between companies without having to leave home. Online estimates are also helpful for identifying potential red flags, such as a price drastically higher or lower than the competition offers.

The first step in obtaining an online moving quote is to submit your information to the company. Larger movers usually allow you to do this via their website, with an option to include pictures of your furniture if needed for accurate pricing. You should be as detailed as possible, indicating the number of items you will be moving, their condition and any specific requirements (such as stairs). The company may then request to conduct a virtual tour of your space or call you to confirm details.

An online moving estimate can vary significantly from one company to the next, with some only offering a ballpark estimate and others conducting an in-home survey before providing an official quote. The latter is often a better choice because it will provide a more accurate and competitive assessment of your move. During an in-home survey, a moving representative will examine the items you’ll be bringing with you and determine the size of the truck and crew required to transport them safely.

In addition to the type of estimate and in-home service, there are several other factors that can influence your move’s final cost. For example, if you choose to get a binding-not-to-exceed moving quote, the final price is guaranteed not to exceed the estimate. If your shipment ends up weighing more than anticipated on moving day, the mover must reimburse you the difference between the actual weight and the quoted price.

Other influencing factors include the date of your move, which can have a significant impact on price. Moving on a weekend or during peak summer moving season can often cost more than a weekday, off-season move. Similarly, labor costs can vary widely depending on the company and state. You should ask movers what their rates are, including any additional fees for services such as assembly or disassembly.

Lastly, many online quotes are calculated based on the weight of your shipment. If you are moving with a company that uses this method of pricing, make sure to weigh your items beforehand and note their conditions. Otherwise, you could be hit with a large surprise bill on moving day due to an unaccounted for or underestimated item.

Getting online moving quotes is the first step in comparing prices and finding the right moving company for your needs. We recommend obtaining at least three quotes from different companies to ensure you’re receiving competitive pricing. Then, make sure to consider which type of estimate is offered and other factors such as the movers’ reputation for quality and customer service. Ultimately, choosing the best moving company for your needs and budget will help reduce stress during your move and save you money in the long run. online moving quotes

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