Across the Spider-Verse – Spider-Gwen Luminous Mask

As Miles Morales says in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, “there’s more than one spider, there’s more than one Spider-Woman.” And Marvel fans are seeing that truth in action in Across the Spider-Verse as Gwen Stacy aka Ghost Spider defends her universe from super villains. Now kids can join the action as their favorite Spider-Gwen character with this amazing mask featuring light. With a hood covering, authentic character sounds and luminous eyes, this mask is perfect for little heroes to play their part.

Gwen is an important character on her own, not because of her relationship to Peter Parker but because of who she is as a character. Her adventures in the multiverse and her war with the Inheritors have given her new relevance and dynamism as she connects with Miles, Peni Parker and alternate versions of Peter.

When Gwen first appeared in her own series in Edge of the Spider-Verse No 2, she was searching for a new codename. She had been called Spider-Woman in her home dimension, but that was becoming a burden to bear after years of being bounced around the multiverse.

Her new moniker was Ghost-Spider, which not only reflected her spooky superhero powers but also her solitary personality. The name also helped to distinguish her from Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter and the dozen other Spider-Women that inhabit the Marvel multiverse. It’s a perfect fit for a character who has learned to be independent and resolute in the face of her father’s attempts to cage her, both as a human and as a superheroine. spider gwen luminous mask

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