Womens Slouch Socks

Designed to elevate your fitness journey, these socks are engineered with THOR*LON fibers that offer superior softness and resilience. Features include extra stretch yarn in ankle, comfort seam toe and terry cushioning that protects feet and eliminates itching and irritation. The lightweight, soft fabric allows for superior airflow and moisture control to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable.

womens slouch socks are also known as rolled or scrunched socks. These fun and trendy socks are great for a cute vintage look, layering, hiking, walking, jogging, sports, working out, gym, Halloween costumes and everyday wear. They are thick and made with high quality cotton with nylon for stretch. This ensures a tight fit around the ankle without bunching down. They can be worn scrunched, slouched or rolled around the ankle for the perfect look. These slouch socks are thick enough to be worn alone and pair well with tights, leggings, booties and sneakers.

Traditionally, loose socks (ruzusotsukusu, ruzu sokkusu) are baggy, non-elastic thigh-high socks pushed down into heavy folds around the ankle. They are popular in Japan and used as part of kogal culture amongst teenage girls. The style flattered plump calves and provided a form of rebellion against the strict dress code for school uniforms.

Our slouch socks are knitted in the USA with a blend of cotton, polyester and nylon with spandex for stretch. The long, thick ribbed top is a mix of traditional two-by-two ribbing and slub yarn which has an intentionally textured feel. This creates a unique style with a tweed-like appearance and texture. They are designed to be worn scrunched, slouched, or rolled down around the ankle and are very stretchy to accommodate large and wide calves.

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