Where to Find the Best Desserts in Sydney

If you’re in need of a sugar fix, Sydney is home to some truly drool-worthy desserts. From froyo bars and pancake paradises to chocolate-dipped kebabs and cake slices that are literally Instagram-worthy, here’s where to find the city’s best sweet treats.

The tiered Strawberry and Watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry is one of Sydney’s most iconic desserts and for good reason: stacked with fresh watermelon, rose scented cream and delicate sponge, it looks almost too beautiful to eat. With locations all over Sydney, you’re never too far from a slice of the popular bakery’s sought-after dessert.

While the savoury dishes at this homely Newtown joint deserve their fair share of attention, it’s the dessert pies that have this place firmly on our list of top Sydney dessert spots. The ricotta and lemon brulee pie, the coconut cream pie, and the silan basbousa are all worth seeking out, as are the generous servings of each.

It’s a little hard to keep up with the constantly changing menu at this Parramatta dessert cafe, but that doesn’t stop its devotees. The fluffy Japanese cheesecake is a standout, as is the hoji swiss roll with hoji cha cream (it’ll have your pupils dilatant in no time).

Unlike other dedicated dessert bars, which tend to stick to a handful of signature sweets, Messina Creative Department has a whole lot going on when it comes to heavenly eats. Think sandstone walls and exotic flavour combinations that will transport you to an entirely different country and time. Favourites include the rosewater malabi, ricotta knafeh, and Silan Basbousa.

With a few different locations throughout Sydney, XS Espresso is a go-to for both morning coffee and late night sweet cravings. The Nutella brownie and Belgium chocolate souffle are big hits, but if you can’t decide on just one, opt for the dessert platter which will give you two shakes, a Gaytime doughnut, mini bambino gelatos, waffles, fondue, and a Nutella brownie.

This little Glebe point roadhouse has a reputation for serving up the perfect savoury breakfast, but it’s their desserts that make us really come back for more. From perfectly balanced pistachio and white chocolate scrolls to flaky fruit-packed Danish, their sweet treats are both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. The glazed carrot cake is also worth seeking out, as are the chocolate and pistachio tart and the caramelized banana pudding.

KOI is the brainchild of Master Chef finalist and creative genius, Reynold Poernomo. While it didn’t make as much of an impact as some might have expected upon its opening in 2015, the establishment has now become a force to be reckoned with. Featuring exquisitely designed cakes that are basically works of art (with swirling marble frosting, gleaming chocolate finish and finely placed flower petals), these mouth-watering treats are designed to be shared between two. The Nomtella is probably the most quintessential order, kicking indulgence to the next level with espresso mousse and salted caramel layered onto a rich chocolate and hazelnut brownie. desserts sydney

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