What Type of Card Terminal is Right For Your Business?

A card terminal is a key component to any credit or debit payment processing solution. The best card terminals are fast, reliable and secure – allowing your customers to pay quickly and safely. They can be connected to your business via a variety of methods, including hardwire internet and wireless technology such as WiFi and cellular service. The most popular credit card terminals are countertop devices that can be used in a retail environment, but mobile and virtual terminals also exist for merchants who sell outside of their brick and mortar locations.

Countertop terminals require a hardwire connection and can be either desktop or portable, depending on the model you choose. They feature a screen to show the amount due for the customer’s purchase, a slot where the card is swiped or manually keyed in and a PIN pad that requires a four digit code to be typed in. Once a transaction has been processed, the card’s information is sent for verification and returned with an approved or decline status. A receipt can be printed if required, and many standalone terminals now support EBT (electronic benefits transfer) processing for food stamps, welfare payments and similar state-issued items.

A mobile terminal is a handheld device that functions in much the same way as a standalone machine, but is designed to be used away from a storefront. These devices are ideal for couriers, delivery drivers, service industry workers and merchants who work outside their shop, such as repair specialists or airline pilots. They are often equipped with a Magtek USB swiper to enable customers to swipe cards or manually enter them, as well as a privacy shield to cover the number pad to protect the customer’s personal details. card terminal

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