What Is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching is an approach to guiding individuals towards healthier habits and practices. It involves three key components: dietary guidance and nutrition, exercise and physical activity, and stress management and mental health.

Life coaches help clients interpret their dreams, ideas and desires and find ways to actively build them into their daily lives. They also provide support and accountability for their clients as they work towards achieving their goals.

During the initial session, a client will discuss their goals and create a plan to start working toward them. Coaches will meet with their client once a month to assess progress and make adjustments as needed. During these monthly sessions, a lifestyle coach will provide motivation, support and accountability for their client.

The primary role of a lifestyle coach is to listen intently and ask thought-provoking questions. They are also responsible for creating a supportive environment in which their clients feel comfortable sharing their feelings, concerns, perceptions and beliefs. They should be able to gently nudge their clients to reach beyond what they believe is possible for themselves.

Obtaining a coaching-specific certification is an excellent way to boost your credibility and career potential as a lifestyle coach. In particular, ICF-accredited programs are considered to be the most reputable in the industry. If you’re interested in becoming a certified lifestyle coach, check out our article on the best certification options and how to get started. Livsstilscoaching

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