What is a Tor Browser?

A Tor browser routes your web browsing through the Tor network, anonymizing your Internet activity. This system consists of over 7,000 volunteer-run relay servers that encrypt your request multiple times before sending it to the final destination website. Your information is sent through the middle servers at random, and each of these servers knows only the identity of the previous and the next server in the circuit. This layering of security is reminiscent of onions (hence the name).

While Tor is used for illegal activities, it can also be helpful for people seeking a higher level of privacy online. Journalists use it to circumvent censorship and protect their sources, and it’s popular among people who want to remain anonymous while discussing sensitive topics. It is also used to access the dark web, a collection of unregulated websites that sell illegal drugs and pirated content.

However, using a Tor browser isn’t foolproof. Web services can detect Tor usage and block your account if they suspect that you’re trying to do something suspicious. Additionally, some sites can leak your IP address, such as when you visit a site that uses mouse fingerprinting to track your location.

To help prevent these risks, keep your computer up-to-date with the latest operating systems and software updates. Use a VPN when possible to add another layer of security, and disable location tracking in your browser and other applications. Make sure that your antivirus and antimalware programs are up-to-date, as well. And be wary of installing plugins and extensions in your Tor browser, as they may expose your data to hackers. what is a tor browser

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