What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do For Your Business?

A virtual receptionist is a remote call-answering service that can handle all your business’s incoming calls. In addition to basic message taking, virtual receptionist services often offer additional functions like patching and live call transfer. Patching allows a caller to be routed directly to your staff members, for example if someone is calling to request an appointment or if they have a general question that can’t wait until you open for the day. This saves you time, helps resolve customer issues quickly, and gives the impression that your business is well-staffed and professional.

A virtual receptionist can also help you eliminate missed calls. Missed calls cost businesses an average of PS1,200 each, according to research from BT Business. Depending on the type of business you run, answering calls yourself or delegating them to a support team member like a paralegal or dental hygienist can distract your staff from their core responsibilities and impede your business’s productivity.

Virtual receptionists can also help you manage your calendar and respond to email, text, and social media inquiries, giving your business a more unified brand presence. They can even qualify leads by asking for details about the nature of the call so you only spend time with qualified prospects and clients. virtual receptionist

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