Voice Over 101

The voice over is the voice that is recorded and placed over images on a video project. It can be used to communicate a scripted narrative or provide explanation over a visual display. It can also be used to add emotion to a scene or help convey a sense of place and time.

Voice over can be heard all over the world – from radio ads to movie subtitles to telephone prompts. It’s a common tool for filmmaking and a critical part of many commercial and web-based projects. It’s important that the voice over is clear, natural, and fits the tone of the project. For example, you wouldn’t want to use the same voice for a nightclub promotion as you would in a funeral stationary service video.

A skilled voice actor can create an amazing effect with their voice. It’s important to take the time to warm up before recording – some examples of this include singing scales or reciting tongue-twisters. They should also keep their hands and movements to a minimum so as not to bump the microphone and cause volume inconsistencies. It’s also important for them to breathe properly, breathing from the diaphragm instead of the chest, which helps reduce breathy sounds and improve enunciation.

Whether it’s a documentary narrator, the intro to a podcast, or an animated film, it’s essential that voice overs are as natural as possible. The goal is for the listener to lose themselves in the experience without thinking, “that person sure does sound fake.” It’s a balance that can be difficult to strike but one well worth pursuing! voice over

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