VANDAYA – A Shark Necklace That is Ethically Sourced

Sharks are elasmobranches and their skeleton is made from cartilage. This means they can fossilize and their teeth are a popular material for jewellery. Sharks are the ultimate ocean predator and their teeth are a symbol of power, strength and protection. Wearing a Shark necklace is one way to show your support for sharks.

Shark necklaces have been a big part of Hawaii culture for centuries. They were worn as a symbol of strength and protection and to bring good luck. They are now worn all over the world.

When buying a Shark necklace, it is important to check the source and material. Many shark tooth jewelry in little booths and seaside shops are often not ethically sourced. The sharks are often killed for their teeth which is not only illegal but also very cruel. Shark teeth are very durable and don’t deteriorate easily so they can be found on the sand bottom or washed ashore for many years. Shark teeth can therefore be very valuable and are used in tools and weapons, for example for hunting or fishing.

At VANDAYA, we wanted to create a Shark necklace that doesn’t harm any sharks. Amalie made a mold from the first bull shark tooth she found while diving and this shark tooth necklace was born. We hope that this necklace will change the image of sharks from animals that are feared to animals that are seen as elegant, strong and an important part of a healthy ocean. Shark necklace

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