Types of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs offer a convenient and cost effective way to promote your business. They are easy to apply and, providing the surface they are adhered to is dry and clean, they are also very easy to remove. This allows you to change your message and promotions on a regular basis.

You’ve probably seen them around town. Those little arrows that usher you in the direction of the SALE in your favorite store or that tell you where to park at a convention are often made from magnetic signs. You’ve likely also been handed a flyer for a fundraiser or political rally, a charitable cause, a concert or sporting event that was produced from a magnetic sign.

There are several different types of magnetic signs that can be produced to meet the needs of your business or organization. They include:

Straight Edged Magnetic Signs
These are the most popular type of magnetic sign. They are manufactured with a digital printer, using vinyl that is then applied to a magnetic sheeting. This process results in an exceptionally high resolution print with crisp, clean edges and colours.

They are a great choice for restaurants, food trucks and market stalls that need to display their menu in a permanent but easily removed manner. Many of these come with a dry erase finish, making them perfect for displaying seasonal and rotating menus. They are also a great option for professional services who want to advertise outside their office and encourage walk-ins.

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