The Importance of Having an OUI Lawyer on Your Side

In the State of Maine, OUI (Operating Under the Influence) is a serious offense and carries with it potential jail time, significant license loss and fines in the thousands of dollars. A conviction can also impact a person’s employment, reputation and ability to travel out of state. For this reason, if you are arrested for OUI or DUI in Maine it is important that you speak to an experienced OUI lawyer as soon as possible.

An OUI lawyer can help protect your rights and work towards the best outcome for your case. They will be skilled negotiators and can explore plea bargains such as reduced charges or enrollment in alcohol education programs. They can also defend you at trial if necessary. At a Trial your OUI lawyer will have the opportunity to question and cross-examine the arresting Officer, as well as challenge the prosecution’s evidence.

OUI lawyers are familiar with the science behind the field sobriety tests and breath and blood testing that law enforcement officials rely on in building their drunk driving cases. They understand the nuances of these testing methods and can identify and challenge issues such as unreliable or inaccurate field sobriety tests, faulty breath test equipment or improper administration of chemical blood tests. They can also identify and challenge laws such as “look back” statutes that extend felony OUI convictions to prior convictions, arguing these laws are unconstitutional when applied retroactively. Having an OUI lawyer who understands the intricacies of criminal law and how prosecutors build their cases can make all the difference in your case.

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