The Differences Between a Referral Agency and an In Home Caregiving Service

Many people are not aware of the differences between a service provider and a referral service. However, these two different types of companies have some major differences, some of which can easily make a big difference in the level of care that is received. When you have an elderly relative or other loved one that is in need of in home care, you want the very best care that is available. Referral agencies do not employ their caregivers, but rather they are independent contractors that are technically self-employed. Caregiver services have employees that are on the company payroll. As such, they are required to be fully trained, amongst other things. This distinction has some major implications for the quality of service that you will receive.

Having a caregiver that is employed with a larger caregiving service will save you a good deal of trouble. Because the caregiver that will be coming to your home will be an employee rather than an independent contractor, there will be many additional benefits. For one, you will know that these people have been screened closely by the service employing them. Having a thorough background check, including both criminal and reference checks, you will have a higher degree of safety as you will be guaranteed to have a person of strong morals and sound character.

This is also a guarantee that the caregiver will have the necessary training to handle any situation that might arise while on the job. You cannot have this same guarantee with an independent caregiver recommended through a referral agency. And while the fact remains that most caregivers out there are experienced and know what they are doing, going through a service that employs and thoroughly trains their caregivers will guarantee that you get the quality of service you expect and deserve. This will eliminate a good deal of worry on your part.

Being employed by a service comes with another positive factor. The employees of the service are held more accountable for their actions. This lessens the amount of liability that the person receiving care will experience. If the person providing care is held to a higher standard, the quality of service, then, will follow suit. Better training, greater expectations, and more accountability will all be factors that benefit the person receiving care as well as their families.

A referral agency usually does not fully insure or bond their caregivers either. These are just another couple additions that will augment the reliability of employed caregivers. Remember that the more safeguards that are in place, the better the level of service will be. You don’t deserve to worry about the type of care that your family member is receiving, go with a service that will help alleviate these worries. caregiver agency hiring

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