The Best Infrared Heaters For Your Home

Infrared heating is a modern alternative to traditional convection models. It warms objects and people rather than the air, so it’s more efficient. It’s also quieter and more adaptable than gas versions. These heaters are often more expensive but they last much longer. The best ones have built-in timers and thermostats that allow you to set different power levels.

Storage heaters are usually used in conjunction with a special electricity tariff that records the energy you use at off-peak times. They are more economical than most other forms of heating, but they’re not suitable for every home. They are especially useful for older buildings with poor insulation, or for houses that don’t have space for a regular boiler.

This good-looking heater has a neat carry handle and easy controls. It’s fairly lightweight at 2.1kg and can be easily moved from room to room, making it ideal for a small apartment or dormitory. It’s not the most powerful but it does a good job of projecting heat and, at its lowest setting, wasn’t too costly to run (we spent 29p an hour on it during our tests). The instructions are clear and straightforward and, although it doesn’t have a timer, there is technology that prevents overheating by cutting the power when it gets too hot. heaters liverpool

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