The Best Employee Communication Apps

While email is still one of the most popular workplace communication tools, an employee app can improve your team’s productivity and collaboration. There are several employee communication apps in the market, with a range of features and pricing options to suit different needs. To determine which app is the best fit, you should consider your goals for the tool. Some apps are geared towards disseminating business news, others encourage collaboration, and still others support community building. You also want to consider scalability as your organization grows.

If you’re looking for an internal communications app that supports both a web and mobile app, Chanty is the option to consider. Its user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive and familiar, with a single hub for everything you need to communicate with your team. It has a robust news feed, an intranet, and a people directory, along with instant messaging and a video conference call option. It’s designed for frontline employees in labor-intensive industries such as retail and hospitality, and provides support across languages.

The free version of this communication app limits file storage and the number of external collaborators allowed, but it’s a good choice for teams of any size. Its paid plans are affordable, starting at $3 per user. Another free employee communication app is GChat, which offers chat and voice/video calls within an interconnected ecosystem and integrates with existing tools through Zapier.

Jostle is a social media-inspired internal communication app that eliminates frustration and confusion by keeping all projects and updates in one place. It lets you share recent projects, shout birthdays, and work on professional development with your team in a collaborative space. It also lets you organize project conversations on its easy-to-use dashboard. best employee communication apps

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