Spiritual Healing Using Ruqyah Sheets

Ruqyah is a form of spiritual healing and is based on the recommendations and practices carried out by the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi WaSalam for himself or his Sahabah (companions). It is a practice which involves reading verses from the Quran, remembrance of Allah and duas for self treatment or for treating others.

There are many reasons that someone may need ruqyah such as being affected by jinns, devils or witchcraft. The best remedy for such afflictions is Ibadat (prayer) and a pious life however it is often not possible for some people as they cannot get away from their circumstances or the evils that surround them.

One way to help them is through ruqyah sheets which are a special type of amulet that has the effect of putting an end to such afflictions. The ruqyah sheets are printed with a request to Allah asking Him to burn away the afflictions such as demons haunting you, magic afflicting you or even the evil eye. The raqis will analyse your situation and then send you the ruqyah sheet to print yourself.

The person then needs to read the ruqyah over themselves on a daily basis and then put the ruqyah sheet in their safe place. They should also make ruqyah water by collecting some zam zam water and then reciting three quls over it – without spitting. This water should be used for drinking, washing and spraying. In addition, they should recite Surah Baqarah and the first 3 verses of Surah Yaseen every day for seven days or until there is improvement.

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