Sex Furniture For Beginners and Experts

If your bedroom adventures are beginning to feel a little stale (and let’s be honest, even the best sex toys and perfectly curated sex playlists aren’t enough to take things up a notch), adding some sex furniture to your arsenal can really get the wheels spinning again. From a sex pillow that can modify your go-to bed-friendly positions to full-on erotic couches that add a whole other level of depth and pleasure, this category of sexual kink equipment is sure to have something for everyone.

Sex Furniture for Beginners

A sex pillow, such as this one from Liberator or this elongated sex pillow from Fetish Fantasy, is a great entry-level piece of sex furniture that can easily be incorporated into any sexual experience. They’re typically designed with position enhancement and comfort in mind, featuring varying angles of support and heights of head elevation to meet the needs of lovers of all sizes and sexual preferences. They can also be used as a footrest, adding an extra sensual element to your play and allowing you to take a position master with you wherever you go.

Another popular form of sex furniture is the sex bench, loved by celebs like Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne for its ability to create an entirely new dimension to erotic bondage play and penetrative orgasms. It’s ideal for couples who are looking to up their game with a bit of extra arousal and can be souped up with the addition of restraints for even more fun and orgasmic results.

A sex couch is the sexiest of the sex furniture options. Taking a cue from a traditional four-poster bed or chaise longue, sex couches are crafted to be both comfortable and orgasmic, oftentimes featuring a raised platform for the head and legs. They can also be positioned to offer a variety of pleasurable textures, like smooth or velvety.

Another way to spice up your bedroom sex games is with a sex swing, which can be a dangerously fun, gravity-defying toy. Similar to a sex pillow, sex swings are made from a variety of materials to offer a range of sensations and can be inflated or deflated for easy portability. These pieces of sex furniture are also incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways during oral or penetrative sex. A sex swing is a great option for a couple that is looking to explore a different kind of play together and can be enjoyed on a single or shared basis, depending on the preference of the user. There are also sex swings with removable arm and leg restraints that can be used for bondage or masturbation.

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