Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Clean lines, multiple material options and a focus on functionality define modern kitchen cabinet design. This unique cabinet style is favored for homeowners who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic.

Frameless full-overlay cabinet construction is a hallmark of modern design, avoiding the face frames and varying spacing that characterize Traditional cabinets. This sleek cabinet construction makes for easier cleaning, with fewer crevices where dirt and grime can hide.

Slab doors are another modern design trait that avoids excessive details like crown molding or raised panels to emphasize flat, sleek surfaces. This simple cabinet design also allows you to maximize storage space and create an open look for displaying glassware or other decorative accents in your cabinets.

Light colors are a popular choice for modern kitchens, from crisp whites to cheerful yellows and vibrant oranges. However, dark options such as dramatic blacks or uncompromising blues are perfectly acceptable in this design style as well.

In addition to multiple color choices, modern cabinets offer a variety of cabinet door styles and finishes to complement your overall look. Sleek slab doors are a timeless option that never goes out of style, while shaker-style cabinets with recessed panels add visual texture to your kitchen without disrupting the clean lines of modern design.

For a modern take on a classic cabinet style, pair wooden lower cabinets with white uppers for a two-toned look that offers plenty of storage space and emphasizes ceiling height. Minimalist hardware in the form of square knobs, rectangular pulls and bin pulls maintains the clean line of modern design. Floating wood shelves are another way to showcase your collection of kitchenware while maintaining the sleek lines of your upper cabinets.

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