Melbourne Curly Hair Salon

Finding the right hairdresser is a difficult enough quest, but when you have curls, it becomes a whole new ballgame. The best salons for curly hair will take the time to understand your wavy, textured or kinky locks. They’ll help you get the most out of your natural mane and walk away with a smile on your face — and a head full of envy-inducing ringlets.

Whether you need a cut that’s a bit looser, a little tighter or just want to give your curls some volume, you’ll find the right solution at this melbourne curly hair salon. The stylists at Mousey Brown specialise in a dry cutting technique which works particularly well for curls, and they’re all about reducing the amount of product you need to keep your locks healthy.

If you’re looking for a curl specialist that also offers organic colour and cbd skincare, check out the team at Joey Scandizzo. You’ll be blown away by their knowledge and experience in curly hair. Hermiz especially knows his way around a curl and will have you walking out of the salon with a head of curls that are both defined and bouncy.

Located in the heart of the city, this salon is the perfect spot to get a freshen up. They have a huge list of services, including haircuts and extensions. Their clientele is a mix of women and men, and the staff is known for being really helpful with styling suggestions and how to take care of your curly hair at home. melbourne curly hair salon

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