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Law Tutor is a community of expert instructors that spans nationwide. Whether you’re looking to pass a class or learn a new job skill, our Law tutors are ready to help. Find a Law tutor who fits your learning style and schedule. Lessons are affordable and covered by Wyzant’s Good Fit Guarantee.

Law tutors provide a tailored experience that isn’t available in the University setting. They can be matched to a student’s specific goals, helping with topics they struggle with, providing exam preparation and revision and giving guidance and feedback on assignments and essay writing.

In addition to supporting students with coursework, many tutors also offer specialist services such as editing law essays and ensuring they meet the requirements of the marking scheme. This is particularly useful for students who are struggling with the quality of their work and need to improve their grade.

Tutors also often help with drafting and structuring law class outlines, practice exam questions and model answers. They are skilled at breaking down complex concepts and presenting them in a way that is easy to understand. This is important for students who need to know the right structures and formats in order to write better law essays. They can also provide feedback quickly, making them an invaluable resource when preparing for exams or submitting coursework. They can also support students with their family law studies by explaining the complex issues involving things like child custody and alimony. Law Tutor

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