Knee High Grip Socks

Grip socks aren’t just for preventing blisters—they can also improve circulation and reduce the swelling of ankles, feet, and legs that can occur after extended sitting or standing. Wearing the right pair of knee high grip socks will help keep your blood moving and your feet feeling fresh, even after a long training session.

These socks have an outer layer made from hydrophobic materials that pushes sweat and water away from the foot, while a terry-knit interior keeps your feet soft and dry. The result is a breathable, comfortable sock that feels great and holds up well to multiple washes. Its biggest drawback is that it took longer for the fabric to dry after we got it wet in follow-up tests, so it’s best suited for warmer weather and indoor workouts.

The grippy fibers on these socks’ underfoot portions give you a firmer feel in shoes, making them ideal for dodging rocks, roots, and potholes midrun or in circuit training drills. They have snug arch and ankle compression to prevent your feet from sliding around inside your shoes, too. And the thicker cushioning is great for runners who tend to develop blisters.

Graduated compression stockings put consistent pressure on your legs, forcing the arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles to relax and the veins that pump blood back to your heart to work more efficiently. They can help prevent a buildup of fluid in your legs, resulting in swollen feet and ankles and can even be used to treat common circulatory symptoms during pregnancy, like edema in the ankles and varicose veins. knee high grip socks

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