Interested in Watch Repair – Check Out These Basic Requirements!

Amateur horologists can be really interested in the workings of watches. They buy old and useless watches and take the time and effort to dismantle them to pieces. This way they can understand how watches work and how the individual pieces mesh together to create a fully functioning watch. But before they actually start they have to stock up on several basic requirements like a good set of tiny headed screwdrivers. These screw drivers are essential to loosen up screws and then put them together again. There are several companies which make the screwdriver systems but if you are going to take up the hobby seriously, then its time to buy only the best.

Bergeron screw driver sets are extremely expensive but well worth the money if you are going into your hobby will total focus. The Screw-driver sets are used by professional watchmakers all over the world and there are several varieties available. You can pick and choose from the site but the average cost is about $400 and above. Of course cheaper sets are available at bulk rates and there are several companies which sell the same sized screwdrivers for a fraction of the Bergeron rate. But be advised that the Bergeron screwdrivers are made for use only with watches and nothing else. Very rarely do you get second hand sets, as no watchmaker will give his tools to buy newer ones. They just prefer to sharpen existing tools as each instrument has a comfort level already built in. Cheap sets are also not calibrated to be anti-skid and anti-scratch. All high-precision time pieces are built with specially coated tiny screws for the repetitive motion that watch parts have. Using a cheap screwdriver may do more damage than repair. The cheap screwdriver may also scratch the interior casing of high-quality watch pieces and this reduces its overall value and resale value too.

There are several sets you can choose from like the economy 16 piece basic precision watchmakers screwdriver set, 9 pieces screwdriver set with Swiss blades, top quality 11 piece basic watchmakers precision screwdriver set etc made to fit every budget. Each set is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hands to allow for easy movements and actions. They also come color-coded for easy reference. The Bergeron system also has a huge complete selection with separate blades of every size in a tube. This is the best and most complete set you could ever want. The blades can also be re-polished if required but it’s a better idea to send them back to the company for just that instead of doing it at the work place. The Bergeron system also labels each screwdriver from the smallest of about 0.50 up to 3.0 millimeters. If you require it they have a heavy stand which prevents the screwdrivers from being lost or knocked about. . Tag Heuer battery replacement

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