How to Make Paper Quilling Jewelry

Author Ann Martin has taken the ancient art of quilling (paper filigree) and applied it to wearable paper designs for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. With her expert guidance, you will be creating unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry in no time.

Paper quilling uses thin strips of colored paper that are rolled, looped, curled, and twisted to create decorative shapes. It is an easy-to-learn, inexpensive craft, with endless design possibilities. Unlike metal filigree, which is often expensive and difficult to find in the hobby stores, paper quilling can be made with readily available materials.

The two basic shapes that make up most quilling are scrolls and coils. Scrolls are long, curved, and tapered while coils are round with a flat base. There are also varying sizes of each shape, which can be combined for infinite possibilities.

To make a simple scroll or coil, roll the strip of paper between your thumb and index finger, applying pressure evenly so that each relaxed coil is about the same size. Many experienced quillers don’t even use a tool, choosing instead to rely on their fingers alone. However, a needle or slotted tool can be useful to create the tighter, more uniform coils featured in some of the projects in this book.

You will need a few basic tools and supplies to get started: a needle or slotted tool; a ruler to measure lengths of paper; a non-stick surface for placing the pieces while they are drying (such as an acrylic sheet, a waxed piece of paper, or a Styrofoam tray); and a small bottle of clear glue that dries quickly, like Elmer’s school glue or Scotch Clear Glue. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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