How to Calculate the Time It Takes to Transfer Files

File transfer is the sharing, transferring or transmitting of a data file (structured and unstructured) between computers both locally and over a network connection such as the Internet. It can be either a download or an upload and is facilitated by a communications protocol like FTP, TCP or hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).

As organizations expand their operations to support digital business initiatives, the one-two punch of faster speeds and greater file volumes puts high-performance file transfer technologies at a premium. In addition, a rise in cybersecurity concerns and heightened regulatory demands require advanced security capabilities for both incoming and outgoing files.

For example, a person may need to transfer several large files from their PC to their new work device when switching to an enterprise operating system. Or, they might have to send a huge video project to their production studio. Whatever the case, getting that content where it needs to be can often be a time-consuming process, especially if their current file transfer technology isn’t up to speed.

Enter the size of your files, their current and destination locations and the tool will provide you with an estimate of the amount of time it will take to transfer based on commonly used network bandwidth and transfer rates. Then just select the units you’d like to use and click Calculate. Send Big Files

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