How Sound For Healing Can Heal the Body

Sound for healing sounds like a new age fad but there is actually scientific evidence that it can help heal the body. Sound therapy uses vibrational frequencies to stimulate cellular healing and to balance and align the chakras. This is achieved by using a variety of instruments including singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs.

The sounds we hear throughout our day have a profound effect on our mood. The roar of traffic and construction can leave us feeling stressed and anxious while the soothing sounds of rain or waves at the beach can create feelings of peace and wellbeing. Scientists have shown that listening to music that is high in uplifting frequencies can stimulate the production of dopamine – our natural feel-good hormone – in the brain.

In fact, studies have found that even just 30 minutes of live music can significantly increase dopamine levels. These high-vibe frequencies have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while also boosting creativity, motivation and positive outlook.

It’s a well-known fact that every object in the universe has its own vibratory rate or resonance. A wineglass, for example, emits a specific ringing tone when you tap it on the counter. This is because it has a resonant frequency that is unique to its size, shape and thickness.

Our bodies also have a resonant frequency which is defined as the vibrational signature of a particular organ or system. When a sound healing session is performed, the sound frequencies can be used to match the resonant frequency of an ailing organ or system, and this can be very effective in bringing it back into alignment with health.

The most common experience during a sound healing session is deep relaxation with a sense of well-being and balance. Some people will feel sensations of energy moving through their body, they may see visions or have past memories come up during the session. Every person’s experience is different and is entirely personal.

During a sound healing session the vibrational frequencies produced by a variety of sound tools can actually affect your brainwave patterns via a process called cymatics. This means that the vibrations are felt on a cellular level rather than just heard through your ears.

Gongs are large metal cymbals which produce a deep, powerful and resonant vibration. They are a key instrument in most sound healing sessions. Other percussion instruments such as frame drums, shakers and bells can be added to a session to add depth and create an ambient soundscape.

Tibetan singing bowls are another very important tool for a sound healing session. When the singing bowls are played their resonant frequencies send vibrations into your body that activate the acupressure points in your feet known as your meridian system. This can bring the entire physiology into a state of balance, and helps to release the build up of toxins that is associated with the fight-flight-or-freeze stress response. This can be a very transformative and healing experience for many people.

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