Free Typing Test – Find Out Your Current Typing Speed and Accuracy

A free typing test is a great way to find out your current typing speed and accuracy. These tests typically give you a number of words typed per minute (WPM) and an accuracy percentage. They also show how you compare to other typists. Most of these tests are easy to use and provide a good snapshot of your typing skills. However, they lack some of the features offered by premium testing solutions like those from TestGorilla.

This site provides a one-minute, customizable typing test with a variety of text to choose from. It also allows you to share results with others. This site has few ads and a clean, simple interface. However, it does not include a report that is suitable for sharing with candidates as part of an interview process. It also doesn’t support custom word sets.

Another free site offers a top 200 list of common words and a one-minute test that will calculate your WPM. It does not distract you with statistics during the test, so it is easy to focus on the task at hand. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it our favorite free typing test.

This test is more fun than most of the other options on this page because it turns your typing into a game. You can compete with other typists by racing them. It has fewer distractions than most of the other tests and shows your progress in real time. free typing test

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