Family & Divorce Lawyers

Whether they’re dealing with marital dissolution or other family law issues, individuals can benefit from a consultation with a family & divorce lawyers. These lawyers help clients resolve matters related to child custody, spousal support, property division and other issues that fall under this umbrella of legal practice.

Lawyers who specialize in family & divorce cases often have advanced degrees and have fulfilled various prerequisites in their field. These may include obtaining a law degree, passing the bar examination and completing any required state licensing requirements. Some attorneys also have extensive training and experience in their specialty, as evidenced by membership on a family law committee or by addressing local bar associations on the topic.

Custody and Support
Many states allow for no-fault divorce, which means that a spouse doesn’t need to prove their partner was at fault for infidelity, domestic violence or desertion during marriage. However, courts still weigh in on other factors when deciding custody and visitation agreements for children. Family lawyers can assist with these arrangements and help their clients understand how judges make these decisions.

In addition to custody, family lawyers can help their clients with other familial-related issues such as adoption. This involves an adult becoming a full legal parent of a child who was not biologically theirs, and can occur either voluntarily or involuntarily due to the death of one or both parents. This is a highly complex process and requires an attorney who has the right combination of soft and hard skills. אמיר בר לב

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