Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves

Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves are engineered for safe operation in hazardous and industrial applications. These valves have fail-safe designs that ensure proper shutoff and prevent media leakage during a shutdown. These valves are used in various industries such as oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, mining and shipbuilding.

In the case of a power plant, these valves are used to control steam flow to avoid pressure overload. This also protects the environment from toxic gases that can be released during the shutdown process. These valves are also used in cement slurry conveying systems to safely transport the material. They are also installed in coal liquefaction plants to control and regulate the flow of liquids.

This type of valve can be connected to a PLC or automation system and used to achieve a higher degree of automation in industrial production processes. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and improves productivity. It can also be used in emergency situations to quickly cut off the flow of liquids, protecting the safety of workers.

High Performance butterfly valves are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. The body material can be carbon steel or 316 stainless steel and the seat design can be soft or fire safe. Typically, these valves have wafer or full lug connections and are up to Class 600 ratings.

The WE series and XE series electric actuators are specially designed to operate small size ball valves (1″ and less), butterfly valves, plug valves, and dampers. They are explosion-proof and CSA approved. These actuators have a class F motor with a built-in overheating protection switch.

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