ETO ERP Encompix Shows Comprehensive Client Base

– Kvichak Marine, leader in the design of high quality, hardworking aluminum vessels.
– Scherping Systems, leading supplier of process equipment to dairy industries.
– Sentinel Building Systems, leading manufacturer of all-steel buildings for agricultural/commercial use.
– American Micro Products, Inc., leader of precision-machined components and manufacturer of circular, glass to metal, hermetically sealed electrical connectors.
– Automatic Feed Company (AFC), world’s premier designers and manufacturers of coil processing
– Reko International Group Inc. manufactures plastic injection molds, compression molds, dies, fixtures, automation, special machines.
– B&K Corporation designs/builds assembly and test systems for the automotive industry.
– GL&V focuses in pulp and paper or process equipment.
– Conservatek, geodesic dome technology in the manufacture of lightweight, high-strength aluminum roof systems.
– Merritech’s business is designing and building special production machines for automotive manufacturers.
– Vulcan Engineering, foundry engineering, manufacturing.
– Roy Metal Products, the largest manufacturers of custom-made metal store fixtures in North America.
– Poblocki & Sons, the leading interior and exterior signage manufacturers.
– Globecomm Systems Inc., designs, assembles and installs satellite ground segment systems.
– COE, major international machinery provider to the Forest and Building Products, Rubber and Laminates industries.
– Delta, premier supplier of plastic injection molds, models, fixtures, tooling for the automotive, aerospace, and heavy truck industries.
– Extrude Hone invented the Abrasive Flow Machining process.
– Machines-Outils Henri Line Inc. designs and builds custom machines for industries such as aerospace, automotive, railroad and precision machining.
– Stillwater, machining company and a manufacturer of resistance welding products.
– LNS America, Inc., leading supplier of bar feeding equipment.
– The Assembly & Test – Worldwide (ATW), automation systems and solutions fundamental to the assembly and testing of industrial products.
– Automatic Systems, Inc., material handling systems.
– Electronic equipment from noise, dust, extreme heat, or inclement weather provided by Metal Systems, Inc.
– MSI Mold Builders designs and builds various types of steel and aluminum molds for injection, structural foam, rim, blow, gas assist and structural web processes.
– Fab-Tech, Inc., the leading global supplier of corrosive-resistant fume exhaust systems.
– Weber Manufacturing Limited,a service tool supplier for plastic molders.
– Rader, Equipment in virtually every Pulp and Paper mill in North America.
– Matrix Service serves the petro/chemical industry.
– Cross Bros. custom fabricated equipment; power transmission products; conveyor and industrial machinery service and maintenance. insert molding

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