Emergency Heating Services

When it comes to your comfort, a broken furnace, heat pump, boiler or ductless mini-split will not wait for a convenient time to repair itself. This is especially true during cold winter temperatures, when even the most reliable heating systems can become strained. The best way to prevent these types of repairs is through routine maintenance performed by a professional HVAC technician. Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance, heater problems can still occur that require emergency repairs.

When a system becomes overloaded, clogged with debris, or producing weak or no airflow, it may switch to EM mode. When this happens, the system bypasses the heat pump and directly accesses an electric heating strip or gas, oil or natural gas furnace for backup, second-stage heating. Using this setting for extended periods of time can put unnecessary strain on the backup system and increase your energy bills.

In order to avoid the risk of damage to your outdoor unit, it is important that you only use EM mode in case of an emergency. If your heat pump is not operating normally and you need to activate EM heat, call Wentzel’s and we will come out for an inspection right away.

Wentzel’s provides fast, friendly and affordable Emergency Heating services. Our team is available to tackle any heating issue that may be causing you discomfort, including repeated breaker trips and a foul smell (which could indicate a gas leak). Our expert technicians are prepared to respond to your heating needs day or night and can provide upfront explanations of the problem and pricing so you can choose the right solution for your budget.

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