Does Careprost For Eyebrows Really Work?

Eyebrows are a prominent feature of the face that frame the eyes and enhance facial beauty. Thick eyebrows are considered more attractive as compared to thin ones. There are many ways to thicken the brows including plucking, waxing, and using pencil fillers. However, these methods do not offer permanent results. Hence, people are looking for alternatives to grow their brows naturally. Careprost is a medication that contains bimatoprost as the main ingredient. This medication is used for treating glaucoma and eyelash hypotrichosis. It is also known for promoting the growth of lashes and brows. But, does careprost for eyebrows really work? If yes, how does it work? This article answers these questions.

To use Careprost for eyebrows, first, clean your hands and the face before applying the solution. Then, take a single drop of the medication on the applicator brush and apply it to the base of your eyelids. You should avoid touching other areas of the face as excessive application may cause unwanted hair growth in these regions. It is recommended that you apply the medication daily, preferably before sleeping.

Careprost works by extending the anagen phase of the eyebrow hair, making them longer and thicker. It also increases the color of the eyelashes. Doctors do not know how it works but have observed that when people use it regularly, they get the desired results. Moreover, it is safe for both men and women and does not cause any serious side effects. careprost for eyebrows

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