Choosing a New Conservatory Roof

A new conservatory roof can bring a new lease of life to your property, transforming it into a stunning living space that will suit your family and enhance the appearance of your home. A conservatory can be used for a number of purposes, from a games room to a dining area, or a place to relax and read a book.

The location of your conservatory will impact on how hot it is in the summer and how cold it is in the winter, so it’s important to choose a suitable roof type that can provide insulation to keep the room at an acceptable temperature all year round. There are several styles of roof to choose from, including polycarbonate, glass and solid, so it’s easy to find one that fits your home and budget.

If you have a south-facing conservatory, consider adding a retractable canopy to protect it from direct sunlight, or use blinds that block out the sun in the summer and let in natural light in the winter. You may also want to install a heating system to make the room more comfortable throughout the year, and to help save you money on energy bills.

SupaLite warm roofs offer a contemporary way to add a new layer of thermal comfort to your conservatory. This tiled roof system combines exterior insulation panels and interior plasterboard to create a truly thermally efficient space, ensuring that it’s as comfortable as possible all year round.

With a low U-value of 0.15, this roof system has been designed to be as efficient as possible without compromising on visual appeal, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round and preventing it becoming a costly energy bill waster. It’s the perfect solution for older conservatories, or for new ones looking to improve their energy efficiency and lower their heating bills.

Equinox is a fully insulated tiled roof, for simple retro-fitting to existing conservatories or flat-roof structures and can be used to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof in the same space. With a range of attractive designs available, it’s the perfect choice for anyone wanting to give their conservatory a modern update and transform the way they use it.

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing roof or have an entirely new build, we’ll help you find the perfect conservatory roofing option for your home. A bespoke installation will involve us visiting your property to conduct a full site consultation. From here, we’ll prepare the plans and technical drawings for your new conservatory roof.

We’ll work closely with you to plan your project, ensuring that you get exactly what you need. Once the plans are approved, we’ll be able to get started with your conservatory project and install your new roof.

As a result, your conservatory will be a welcoming place to spend time with your family and friends. Plus, it will provide a valuable addition to your property and boost the value of your home.

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