Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine is a piece of equipment that can reshape metal tubes and bars. The machine uses a series of different dies to reduce the diameter of the wire or bar while increasing its strength. This allows manufacturers to create products that are better suited for their particular applications. Horenco has created a new line of turnkey machines that can help producers improve their work efficiency. These include a swaging machine, an automatic cold drawing machine and a straightening machine. The website features information on all three pieces of machinery, including their prices and shipping options.

Many of these machines have a computer system that controls all aspects of operation. It provides a full color display to show data about the work in progress. The computer also has the ability to communicate with a network, allowing workers to monitor production from a remote location. This can be an important feature for a factory that is in a remote location or in a foreign country.

These systems can provide a lot of information about the status of the wire drawing process. They can track the current speed of the machine, the average feed rate and the number of revolutions made by each die. They can also display graphs of the data in a variety of formats and colors. The graphical displays make it easy for workers to analyze the data and identify areas where improvements can be made.

One way to reduce the amount of power needed to draw high tensile steel is to install an air-cooling system on the capstans. This forces air to travel up the surface of the accumulated wire, reducing the force needed to overcome friction. However, this is an expensive option that requires additional cooling equipment and energy costs. Wire producers should carefully weigh the costs and benefits of this type of system before deciding to install it on their machines.

Another way to increase the capacity of a wire drawing machine is by adding a spooler. This will allow the operator to place more coils of wire on the machine, reducing the number of times that the spooler needs to be turned. This can dramatically improve production rates.

If the machine is used to produce pre-stressed concrete rods, it will need a more powerful spooler motor that can handle the increased weight of the wire. It will also need to be able to accelerate the spool to maximum speed from a stationary start. This may require the installation of a geared or a variable speed drive.

Some high carbon steel products need to be drawn through a round die, but they can be made into flat bars or other shapes by using a cold drawing machine. This is a cost effective alternative to hot-rolled bars, but the alloy will still need to be softened by heat treatment before it can be formed into other shapes.

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