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Adventure in Arkansas? The state of Arkansas has some great adventure and soothing locations. If you have never been I recommend giving it a try. You can search for diamonds, travel to wine country, hike in the mountains, fish, take a ferry ride, or just relax at the natural hot springs.

Things to do in Arkansas

Hot Springs became the first National Park in 1847 you can choose from a selection of 47 different hot springs. In the old days you could just venture into the woods and take a relaxing hot water treatment. Today there are bath house vendors in the park or you can use a Spa. The health benefits of the the thermal hot springs have been recognized for well over a century. The Indians considered this area a no fight zone. For more information call: 1-800-SPA-CITY.

Diamonds anyone? If you find that you have a desire to prospect diamonds can be yours. You have a really good chance of finding diamonds in Arkansas. You will want to visit Crater of Diamonds State Park located in Murfreesboro. Here you can prospect on over 37 acres of plowed ground in search of diamonds. The location has been unearthing diamonds for over a hundred years and continues to produce precious stones to this day. You can lease all the equipment you need at the park the fee is in addition to equipment rentals. There is a fee of 7.00 for adults and kids under 6 are allowed to dig for free.

If you enjoy a great bottle of wine the wineries in Arkansas are just the ticket. Boasting of 3 family owned wineries that have been in operation for over 150 years. The grapes have their own unique taste. The newest addition has a tasting room and tour on how the wine making process works.

You have heard of the distinct character of the Ozarks Mountains. The beauty of the area is really why people never left the area and developed the own unique culture. You can take in the views with a great hike with over 165 miles of trails. The Ozarks Highland trail is 5.5 miles and runs along the shoreline Of Lake Fort Smith. Once you enter the National Forest you will go across hills and hollows and see numerous waterfalls. Curious about medicinal herbs the mountain folk of the Ozarks had to know with no doctors around. You can learn what they used by a visit the visitor centers gardens. asurion customer service

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